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Going Viral?

United Nations: Ecosystem Based Adaptation

Be My Eyes

Smiley Movement

Wargaming-Tanker Rewards-Mancave

Foody & Pizza Mia

TED-The strange history of the world's most stolen painting

Fire Prevention Campaign



CANVA-The Creative Genius

Canva - GIF: The story of the image that kept on moving

SALTO - 4Thought of Solidarity

EU Solidarity-Research and Study

United Nations: UNEP Special Programme

EU-Everyday Heroes


The Power of Storytelling

TED - A day in the life of an Ancient Athenian

Penguin Books - An emotional education

Cyprus Forum

The Charms of Unavailable People

The School of Life - Pessimism for Lovers

The Better Story Awards

TED - The real story behind Archimedes’ Eureka!

Motherhood - Take Care


Iris Blue Gin


Larnaca Cinema Society - Movie Mondays

TED - Debunking the myths of OCD

TSOL-The One Question We Need to Ask Ourselves When We Feel Anxious

Foody - Little Red Riding Hood

Cyprus Seeds

The School of Life - Panic Attacks

KIOS-Smart Water 2020


4 Ways to Prevent Your Cat from Killing Birds


ISFFC - Promotional Video

The 'Adventures' of Zeus

Seven Rivers

IBM Cloud Data Services

DELOITTE Switzerland - Compliance Coach

The School of Life - How to be an Entrepreneur

Odysseus - Bird Migration

Size Does Not Matter

Stop Mad Mining

ONEK - European Youth Card

TED - How smart are dolphins?


CYTANET - Safe Internet

CARDET - Designing the Future

AddLife - Campaign Video

PIN - What's the big idea?

European Comission: Erasmus+

Clean Beaches

PIO-Antibiotic Campaign

FOODY Image Campaign

GE English Centre-Learning is fun!



Electronic ID

European Commision - Coronavirus Initiatives

Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry - Cyprus Greece Maritime Link

Safe Gambling Week 2020

Cyprus Maritime Conference - Promo