Animasyros is the most important animation festival not only in Greece but in the entire East Mediterranean region.

It was therefore a great pleasure for our team to be asked to create a film that would promote the festival. The animation featured above was included at the beginning of each of the festival's screenings.

For the creation of this film we decided to develop a 30 second animation with a traditional ‘frame by frame’ approach. The result was a handcrafted animation that drew inspiration from the visual identity of this specific edition of the festival. The visual identity was inspired from the concept of ‘Freedom’ and specifically from the famous quote by a hero of Greece, Theodoros Kolokotronis which reads as follows:

"Like a rain, the desire for our freedom fell on all of us!" And all of us, clergy, captains, aristocrats, educated people, and merchants, young and old, we all agreed on this goal and we made the Revolution."

As depicted in the animation, the film featured a visual journey inspired from the island of Syros itself coupled together with the concepts of creativity and freedom - values that represent the festival itself.

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