How Animated Marketing and Explainer Videos Increase Sales

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OK, so you’ve spent years developing this amazing product or service. The features are unparalleled. It’s innovative, stylish, exciting and brilliant. A real game changer. Unfortunately, the sexiest product in the world is still only going to sell if people know about, and the way they need to hear about it needs to be equally awesome.

That’s why so many companies are turning to animated explainer videos. You’ve probably heard about how they increase sales and conversion rates. Here we want to take a look at why that is.

Attention grabbers

In the modern world it’s likely your customer journey map will begin when they come across your website. Unfortunately, the average visiting time of any website is a crushing 8 seconds. That’s right – 8 SECONDS!!!

However, when that same landing page loads to reveal a video that can increase to up to 2 minutes. What’s more, 85% of those visitors are more likely to buy the product after watching a video about it.

More info, less time

Let’s not beat around the bush, we’ve all become a bit lazy, a touch jaded, and a little light on attention spans. The above stats are screaming it. This, we believe, is the reason animated explainer videos work so well. They save the customer the job of reading through your website, packaging up all the most important info in a neat, tidy, no longer than two minutes, parcel. The combination of engaging animation, with a clear and concise message is why these videos increase conversion rates so significantly.

Over three quarters of the world’s population watch at least one video a week. If you don’t have at least one great example out there you’re missing a huge opportunity to increase sales.

Bond building

Animation also provides the potential to build a bond with your customers that will keep in you lodged in their memories long after your explainer or promotional video has finished. It’s all about storytelling. Thinking back to when we were children being read stories is always a big part of our development, and we remember those who told them too us fondly. Having the right tone of voice, the right memorable character, the right narrative, is always going to be far more successful than words on a page.

Keeping it to your brand colours and even using a character as part of your overall company brand is also a great way to build positive associations and make your company memorable.

Spread the word

Animated explainer and marketing videos are also the perfect way to increase your search engine visibility with things like Google and YouTube. The more people that see your video, the more potential customers you have.

The bottom line

Animation offers a wealth of possibilities for a small budget. Sure giant companies can spend millions making animated epics. However, smaller companies and start-ups can still leverage animation to blow people away for a small investment. Animation provides the opportunity to do things that only ever used to be possible in Hollywood, travel to locations unfeasible when you needed a cast and crew, and wow audiences that used to be reserved for the latest Beyoncé video.

A poll of marketing professionals from around the world even showed that over 50% believe marketing videos to provide the best ROI of all online content.

So, whatever the size of your company you need to be thinking about how an animated explainer video could be benefitting your business, right now.

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