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An animated explainer video is designed to grab your audience’s attention and explain your idea, product or service in an engaging and easily understood way.

Our animation studio, creates Explainer Videos for businesses and non-profits from all over the world.

Dive into our Client Portfolio page for a large selection of work samples, or scroll down to watch three selected explainer videos, created for some of our business clients.

Why choose Zedem Media to create your Explainer Videos:

Since 2008, we've created a large number of animated explainer videos, on very diverse subjects. From cloud based enterprise software solutions to food delivery apps. From explainer videos that communicate the results of research projects to explainers that promote various innovation and entrepreneurial initiatives.

The diversity of our client base, granted us with the necessary experience to quickly understand the value offering of different products and services, and adjust the creative approach of each explainer video in way that creates clarity for the end viewer.

Our aim as an animation studio is to create explainer videos that break down any complexity in your communication, deliver a narration that makes the audience to quickly understand the value that you are offering and create an interest for your products and services. More importantly, we want to see our explainer videos, generate leads and customers, and spark conversations for your products and services.

If you want to be taken on a tour of our animation process, here’s an explainer video that we created to guide you through the creative process.

What differentiates an animated explainer video from a typical promotional video:

The narrative structure of an explainer video, tends to highlight a certain challenge at the very beginning of the film. The narrative of the animation will then offer the 'solution' to the problem at hand, by introducing a certain product or a service and by showcasing some of its key features. Explainer videos will also highlighting the key benefits that user will enjoy from using the specific product or service that the video is promoting.

As showcased in the examples below, explainer videos can utilised both by startups and established businesses of all sizes. They can also be used by non-profit organisations and research institutions, especially when there is no tangible product at hand. That's where animated explainer videos are very useful, as they can showcase products and services, that are still in the conceptualisation stage.

Select samples of Explainer Videos



IRE Robot


The below explainer video was created for PwC Belgium, with the aim to inform potential clients, on how PwC could help them enhance their Tax compliance through their technology offering, knowledge and expertise.

The animation was created with the use of motion graphics and animated typography coupled with a motion design that creates a dynamic look and feel, while at the same time highlighting the PwC’s brand dress.

For additional work samples, visit our Client Portfolio page.


'Artemis’ is a 90 second, animated Explainer Video created for Cyprus’ Artemis Credit Bureau agency. The purpose of the video was to inform the general public on: What is a credit bureau, and its fundamental role in strengthening the country’ economy.

The animation was created with a motion graphics that bring together elegant illustrations and typography to create stylized symbolisms that support the narrative of the film in an highly engaging way.

Through this creative approach, we have helped our client to create clarity in its communication approach and have managed to take a complicated concept and transform it into a narrative that is easily understood by the general public.

At the same time the film works as a Brand Video which aims to strengthen the brand positioning of the company by highlighting how its services benefits not only the loan providers but also the consumers and the economy at large.

For additional work samples, visit our Client Portfolio page.

IRE Robot

An animated explainer video for an innovative technology product that is being developed by ACETT (Auditory Communication Enhancement Through Touch), which aims to make sounds accessible to those suffering from hearing loss.

The video showcases the most important features of the wearable device. As explained in the film, IRE Robot picks up sounds from the environment and transforms them into sensory waves that can be felt by the person wearing the device. This helps people living with hearing loss and visual disabilities, experience the world around them in a whole new way.

Our aim was to clarify the messages that our client wanted to convey and communicate them through this short explainer video. The biggest advantage that derives from creating this video with animation, was to illustrate the vision behind the prototype that is being developed by this startup, even before the product had reached its final form.

For additional work samples, visit our Client Portfolio page.