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Animated Commercials, whether they are destined for Television, Movie Theatres or the Web, can make your marketing or communication campaign stand out.

An animated commercial has so many possibilities and can serve a wide variety of purposes. With a variety of style choices, from simple motion graphics to full character animation, animated commercials can strengthen your brand and communicate your message, with endless creative possibilities.

Animated Commercials can also be created faster and sometimes at a fraction of the cost of live action commercials, they can be altered to fit broader or more niche target audiences and they can can tell stories in a fun and concise manner, better utilising short ad times, thus allowing you to create campaigns that can be used across multiple platforms - from TV to websites and social media. They allow for the kind of imaginative originality that will make you stand out from the crowd. They are capable of working wonders of your online presence and ultimately your conversion rates.

Why choose Zedem Media to create your Animated Commercial

Since 2008, our Animation Studio has created a large number of animated commercials. The diversity of our client base has granted us with the necessary experience that allows us to easily adjust our design and animation approach to best serve the purpose for creating each animated commercial. Depending on your needs, our team of creative experts will recommend an approach that can help you cut through the clutter, stand out from the crowd and communicate your message loud and clear.

If you want to be taken on a tour of our animation process, here’s an explainer video that we've created to guide you through it:

Select samples of Animated Commercials

Youth Culture Card


Hello Greece!

Youth Culture Card

The “Youth Culture Card” is a 30 second TV commercial created for the Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Culture and the Cyprus Press and Information Office, to promote a new prepaid card that will be provided to people that turn 18, in order to be used in various cultural  events.

The animated ad was created using eye-catching, contemporary designs that would appeal to our young target audience. The purpose of this animation was to raise awareness for this new initiative and inform young people about the different ways that they can use the card when visiting a cultural event of their choosing.

Besides the Greek language version we also created adaptations in both in English and Turkish, while the campaign was complimented with other ad placements such as outdoor Ads on Billboards and Busses, Display stands in malls and a digital marketing campaign. The visuals of all of the ad placements featured designs that have originally been created for this film.


This 30 second animated commercial titled 'Enjoying Movies Together' was created for 'Foody', the subsidiary of Delivery Hero in Cyprus.

When asked to create a film that would be used to promote the brand in movie theaters, we wanted the actual food to be the protagonist in the film. This led to the creation of different characters, who have all come together o watch a movie on the big screen. From Merilyn the ice cream, Judy the burger, Macho the nacho, to Maki and Laki, the twin sushi kids…to name a few. 

In order to portray in the best possible way all the different emotions that the characters experience while watching the film as well as the different film genres from drama and horror to romance and adventure, the film was created with traditional frame by frame animation.

Together with a carefully selected music track and an elaborate sound design, it creates a beautiful, funny and memorable experience that succeeded in strengthening our client's brand.

Hello Greece!

This animated commercial was created for the Greek National Tourism Organisation, with the aim to promote Greece as the ideal holiday destination for children and youth.

The animation features a Greek vase that magically comes to life, to become a cheerful host who goes on to guide our protagonists on an exciting journey throughout Greece. Together with their host they visit archeological sites and enjoy some fun outdoor activities.

As it is clearly showcased in the film, the aim of this character driven animation was to highlight the diverse range of experiences all that Greece has to offer through the medium of animation which is not typically used in tourism related campaigns.