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A Brand Identity video, which could also be referred to as a Company Story Video, a Mission Video or even as an Anthem Video tells the story behind a brand. These types of videos focus their narrative on the Vision and Mission that an organisation has set out to fulfil.

Rather than making a hard sell on products and services, they focus on how an organisation can create an impact in within an industry, a community or in the world at large.

Stories help us connect. They engage and move us. Brand Identity Videos bring out an authenticity and a reliability that reveals the human factor behind a business or a Non-Profit. Enabling organisations to connect with their audience in a meaningful way.

The benefits of creating a Brand Identity Video:

Select samples of Brand Identity Videos

Heartland of Legends

Be My Eyes

Cyprus Seeds

Heartland of Legends

The animation Heartland of Legends, is a Brand Identity Video, created for the Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Tourism.

The film received the 1st prize award at the Carob Advertising Awards.

The scope of the project was to promote the Heartland of Cyprus as an alternative tourist destination. Through the art of animation, we wanted to create a brand video that would showcase to the audience that besides its seas and sunny environment, Cyprus has much more to offer.

Be My Eyes

This inspirational Brand Video, was created for Be My Eyes, a startup that connects people that need sighted support, with volunteers and companies anywhere in the world, through live video.

This animated ‘brand video’ outlines the vision and mission of the company and highlights how this free application connects blind and low-vision users with sighted volunteers and company representatives from all around the world. This animation helps to increase awareness for the organisation and motivates individuals to become part of the growing community of Be My Eyes.

Cyprus Seeds

Cyprus Seeds is a non-for-profit organisation that supports the commercialisation of innovative academic research in universities and research institutions in Cyprus. The organisation reach out to us to create an animated brand video, which communicates their vision and mission that they've set out to achieve.