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For any organisation, regardless if it's a Business or a Non-Profit, marketing and communications are vital.

A high-quality brand video that encapsulates your story and showcases how you are creating a positive impact in the world, will help you can connect emotionally with your target audience. It is one of the most powerful ways to create awareness for your organisation and recruit people to your cause. More importantly, animated videos can inform and educate your audience.

Why choose our Animation Studio to create an animation for your Non-Profit:

We are passionate for creating animations that can help non-profit organisations drive a positive change in their communities.

That's why for the last 15 years, we've been working with a large number of Non-Profit organisations from all around the world. Creating animated videos that deal with very diverse subjects, that range from Education and Nature Conservation, to Entrepreneurship, Health Care, Technology and more.

This diverse experience that we have accumulated throughout the years, allows us to quickly understand the message that our clients want to communicate and to easily adopt our design and animation approach, to best serve the purpose for creating each film.

If you want to be taken on a tour of our animation process, here’s a video that we created to guide you through it.

If you would like to learn more about how animated videos they can help your non-profit organisation, feel free to dive into the following articles that are available through our knowledge hub:

Work samples for Animations on Non-Profits


Cyprus Seeds



Our Animation studio has been working together with TED for over 10 years. Together, we have developed more than 30 Animated Lessons for their TED Education initiative.

TED in a non-profit which uses the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives, and ultimately, the world. TED-Ed Animations are short, award-winning animated videos about ideas that spark the curiosity of learners everywhere. Every TED-Ed Animation represents a creative collaboration between experts such as TED Speakers and TED Fellows, educators and animators. These original animated videos, are paired with questions and resources and are freely available on the TED-Ed online platform.

With over 17 million views the following Animated Lesson is the most watched TED-Ed animation created by our studio.

Cyprus Seeds

This motion graphics video was created for Cyprus Seeds. A non-profit that supports the commercialisation of innovative academic research in universities and research institutions.

The conceptual design of this animation is inspired by the logo and branding of the organisation. We have used the “seed” as the protagonist of the film and built a whole visual narrative around it. It is impressive what a motion design that features simple dots and lines can achieve when put together in an imaginative and clever way. The animation is supported by an elaborate sound design and a music track that brings the motion graphics to life.

The result is an animated brand video that represents the vision and philosophy of Cyprus Seeds in an innovative and creative way that is both memorable and engaging.


'Life with vultures' is a 2D animated film created for Birdlife Cyprus.

Griffon Vultures used to be a common sight in the skies of Cyprus. Today with only 20 birds remaining in the wild, their fate is in our hands. The threats they are facing are all caused by human activity and are predominantly preventable.

This animation was created for the awareness campaign, conducted by BirdLife Cyprus in order to inform the public on this significant environmental challenge. At the same time it educates the members of the audience on the steps that they need to take in case they witness any bird poisoning incidents.

The film was created with a combination of digital 2D animation and traditional 'frame by frame' animation.