The Better Story: NGOs and Storytelling

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At Zedem, we don’t just care about stories. We have a soft spot for NGOs and companies with corporate responsibility initiatives because we admire and wish to encourage those who strive to help construct a fairer world, caring about matters such as the environment, culture and human rights.

Often, their stories go unnoticed, or without sufficient attention. We aim to change that, so we created the ‘Better Story Awards’, encouraging these organisations to tell us their story, about how people like them are working for a better society. In return, we offer to help them spread their message through storytelling and animation.

But why can storytelling be so important for NGOs and charities?


First of all, it is good to let the world know you exist and you have this love and passion for a cause. Let them know what’s at the core of your organisation, who are its people, where did you come from and where are you heading, what is your aim?

An animated video will make your story relatable and will invite its audience to form an emotional connection with what you are trying to achieve.


You build trust. Once you put your profile out there, you inspire confidence. It shows transparency. By knowing more about you, the viewer feels more comfortable to invest in your cause and help you achieve it, be a part of it.

Your animated video will make it personal and could slowly attract more people and build a community, all because you touched them with a story. Most importantly, you show them that it is possible to act, to become involved in whichever way. It is possible to help out, because that’s what you are doing.

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Your cause is important. You are fighting for something. You want the world to know that there is this problem and you are doing something to change it but also that you could use their help. You can inspire people to act, to get involved, or even just to be aware of a situation. Ignorance is usually the enemy of change and awareness brings important issues to light.


Good deeds don’t seek reward but it is beneficial to make known the actual impact that organizations such as yours are making, that people’s work, passion and support are driving change.

We really want to hear your story and we want to help you spread it out and inspire others! Visit www.thebetterstoryawards.com and submit!

Give us the better story. Show the world that a person or a group of people working for great and small causes, do make a difference…

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