Humanise Your Brand with Animated Video

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“It's very important that we humanise our brand to really connect and communicate with our customers.”

All right, sounds good!

“Humanise, human, we need a live-action video, with real people!”


Whilst there's no questioning that sometimes live-action is a more fitting medium, one shouldn't discount the power of a well-made animated video. Now, you might think “animated video” and your mind immediately jumps to children's cartoons. Perhaps this worries you – you might think that an animated video may repel more mature audiences or not portray your brand as purveyors of quality products or services. Or maybe you believe that seeing actual people makes your brand appear more trustworthy. But never fear! As expert creators of animated video content, we at Zedem Media can assure you that you have no need to worry. Trust us!


Speaking of trust, it's an important block in the foundation of any relationship and that includes the relationship between brand and consumer. However, how you get across your message isn't nearly as important as the message itself. An animated explainer video, for example, is a simple and effective way of really ensuring your audience understands your message and what you stand for. If your product or service is useful, reliable, and presented in an entertaining way, such as through animated video, your customer's will connect to your values and build trust around your brand. Taco Bell used animation and its anthropomorphised mascots to tell the story of National Taco Day, educating but also engaging its audience, simultaniously forming awareness to both the brand and the concept of National Taco Day.


*From Taco Bell's animated National Taco Day ad.

Emotional Connections

Another aspect of good relationships is an emotional connection. Okay, so perhaps you're of the belief that animated video can't instigate emotions, but we're here to tell you otherwise (hello, “Up”, “Inside Out”, “Big Hero 6” - shall we go on?). Nowadays (heck, even as early as “Toy Story” and beyond!), animated videos are intricate and sophisticated and animated characters are capable of showing a vast range of emotions, whether subtly or exaggerated. Not to mention that an animated character is at your beck and call and far more willing and flexible (and affordable!) than a real-life actor. 


* Woodyyyyy! (I cried, you cried, we all cried, admit it!)


Thanks to their range of emotion, animated characters are great for an injection of humour and this ingredient is one of the deciding factors when it comes to people choosing animated video. After all, people are looking to be entertained and your animated video can meet that need. It's one of the most efficient ways of creating strong bonds and making your brand feel more human. And there's no need to worry about how you script in those laughs – an animated character can do anything (and be subjected to anything!) for comedic value.


But showing emotion through animated characters isn't the only way to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Au contraire, dear reader. Animated videos, or cartoons, are a staple of most people's childhood. Remember the days of rushing home from school to catch your favourite cartoon? Those weekends when you had the joy of morning showings? That warm, fuzzy feeling you get when remembering those times actually work in favour of using cartoons to humanise your brand. An animated video can remind people of good childhood memories and people who feel good are more inclined to buy the product that made them feel that way.

giphy (1).gif

 *Toy Story 3 (Im sorry, I can’t help it!)

Communication Tone

On the topic of cartoons, let's tackle the misconception that animated video will not appeal to an older, or “more mature” audience, or worse stop people taking your brand seriously. One of the best features of an animated video is its customisability. You can customise any and every aspect of it to fit your message, brand image and, you bet, audience. Need a more serious style? Change up the colour palette and style of characters, and tone down the brightness of the music and you have an entirely different feeling. Our expert team of designers at Zedem Media can adapt any storyboard and animated video to your communication tone.


That brings us to our final point – customisability. Through animated video, you can craft an aesthetic that is completely unique to you and your brand. One look and people will immediately know that the animated video they are watching represents your brand. This individuality, as well as the knowledge that you care enough to make sure you stand out, can really help to humanise your brand.

At Zedem, animated storytelling is at our core, this is part of our brand identity. Our own company profile video, states where our heart’s at and how we can make yours show…

In short, an animated video can humanise your brand, it's just a matter of knowing how to craft them well – and that's where Zedem Media comes in.

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