Happy Human Rights Day

This short animated film was created for the Cyprus based non-profit organization ‘Human Rights Platform’ as part of the international Human Rights Day celebrations.

The ‘Human Rights Platform’ fights for an egalitarian, fair, democratic and inclusive world where universal human rights and freedoms are accessible and guaranteed for everyone - protected by effective mechanisms that are constantly improved.

Working in partnership with our client, we developed a very poetic narrative that could connect - on an emotional level - with our audience.

During the creative process we also decided to highlight the complete wording of this poem with on-screen text, while at the same time complimenting the on-screen text with elegant illustrations.

The result was a very stylised animation, full of symbolism and positivity. The illustrations were carefully crafted in order to enhance the messages that we wanted to communicate to the audience, while the animation that has been applied on the illustrations, helps to smoothly transition between the different sections.

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