Have you seen this bird?

It’s probably a good thing if you haven’t seen it. The common Myna is a new arrival to the island of Cyprus and is considered a dangerous and invasive species.

Do not be fooled by her appearance and chill character. As you will discover in this informative animation that was commissioned by BirdLife Cyprus, Myna is  known for its sweet song, superior problem-solving abilities and renowned imitation skills. Even though it is native to South Asia,  in recent years the bird has proved to be very adept in other environments and has expanded its range, thus posing a serious threat to the biodiversity of other areas.

In this animation we get to know Myna. We showcase how she looks like, how she behaves and even how she sounds, so that our audience will be able to recognise her.

In other words, the main purpose of this animated publicity video is to explain what invasive species are and why the Common Myna can be a threat to the native birds of Cyprus and beyond. Additionally, through the creation of this animation, we wanted to inform the public that they should report any sightings of this bird to local authorities in order for them to be better positioned in controlling the spread of Myna birds.

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