This animated explainer video was created to communicate the scientific research that is being undertaken as part of a European Union funded research project at the Cyprus institute of Neurology & Genetics.

The aim of this science communication effort,  was to raise awareness in local audiences that are unfamiliar with the scientific research that is happening on the field as well as to showcase the work to other fellow researchers and stakeholders.

Our challenge when developing this animation, was to take the information that was provided by our client such as the science specific terminologies and other specialized scientific knowledge that is not known to the wide public and make that information easily understood through a voice over that would be short and concise.

Additionally, by combining the carefully written script with designs that are visually appealing yet relevant in terms of the scientific information that is communicated, we managed to create an interesting and engaging animation that communicates what Bioinformatics research is all about, how it works and why it is so important in the development of preventive, personalized and precise medicine.

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