White Gold

‘White Gold’ was a really exciting project, related to the history of Halloumi cheese. It involved the creation of the web platform asprosxrysos.com which is hosting both an animated film and a series of interactive games.

The educational video was divided into chapters in order to be able to insert five interactive games in-between the chapters of the animation. Doing so we where able to strengthen the educational aspects of the film.

The project was produced by the Cyprus Food Museum, with financial support from the dairy company ‘Charalambides Cristis’ and the Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Culture.

The narrative of the animation, was constructed as a short little adventure quest.

In this fun, character driven animation we follow the main characters, in their search for ‘white gold’. Their travels take them through the picturesque countryside of Cyprus, to an abandoned farm where they encounter a shepherd's rod that upon touch, comes miraculously to life. The rod becomes their guide on their journey. Together, they learn about the life of shepherds and traditional cheese making. At the end if their journey through time, they discover that the white gold is none other than the famous halloumi cheese, which is produced only on the island of Cyprus.

The film was created with expressful character animations and beautifully designed backgrounds that truly representthe Cypriot landscapes as well as the local architecture, culture and tradition. The educational aspect of the video is enhanced by the design and development of 5 interactive games where young users can create their own music, find the correct answers to a series of questions, andinteract with various scenes by dragging and dropping various design elements. More importantly, our young viewers, learn how to make their own Halloumi!

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