Walk the global talk

This public awareness campaign video was created as part of the European Union funded project ‘Walk the Global Walk’ and was produced in collaboration with Cardet and the Municipality of Strovolos.

What is special about this animation is that the script was developed through a creative workshop where students constructed the messages that they wanted to communicate through the film. The participants reflected on their own experiences and identified multiple perspectives on bullying related issues and shared ideas on how these issues should be addressed.

Together, we decided to follow a conceptual approach in the creation of this animation and found a creative way to highlight the importance of diversity and inclusivity. A creative approach that would prompt the viewer to imagine what the world would be like, if everything was the same. Without the option to make any choices.

As the workshop participants have suggested, this would result in a very dull living environment. Even though as humans we tend to feel safe when we have a familiar environment around us we also enjoy diversity. But as the students have suggested, this diversity and uniqueness in someone's character is what is often being exploited by bullies.

By translating the results of this workshop into an animated film, we developed a film that showcases how our lives require a plurality of experiences as it is those experiences that give a real meaning and value to everything we do.

More importantly, through this animation we showcase how this environment can not be achieved without the unique characteristics of each individual. Unique characteristics that we need to accept and respect without being judgmental - which as the participating students have suggested, is where bullying behaviors derive from.

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