Smart Water

Smart Water is a research communication, explainer video created for made for the KIOS Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence.

The objective behind the creation of this animation was is to explain to a wide audience how this research project has develop smart technologies that are capable of helping water authorities improve their water distribution system's as well as their monitoring and control capabilities, which in turn can help reduce water losses. In other words, this explainer video was part of the research dissemination efforts by KIOS.

The creative approach of this animation aimed to content of the video simple to understand as well as interesting and engaging. We therefore decided to create a style that resembles a video game interface, with isometric designs, characters, and animated typography. The fictional game interface shows how a smart network works, taking the viewers on a fun journey that begins with showing the main water challenges, how these affect our everyday lives, what smart water networks are and how KIOS and their Smart Water technologies can help improve these challenges.

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