UNDP - Cyprus Technical Committee on Environment

This profile video was created for the Cyprus Technical Committee on Environment, an initiative that is funded by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme in Cyprus.

This Bi-Communal Technical Committee promotes the cooperation between the two main communities on the island,  on various environmental related projects.

The aim for the creation of this animation is to create an awareness for the existence of this Technical Committee as well as to introduce to the public the different areas the committee is focusing on.

During the creative process we decided to construct the film in such a way that the film could work as one larger profile video and also split down to smaller cut versions, one for each focus area.

Additionally, we created a unique animated character that represents each of these focus areas, who works as the presenter of each section of the film. Each character has its own style and personality that creates a unique touch for each section of the film.

Get to know them all, from Mr. Binny the bin to our charming Hippo Phanourious and to Mouffly the mouflon.

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