Forest Fires Campaign

The aim of this educational video was to raise awareness among young audiences, on how we could protect our forests, through the elimination of fire hazards.

The animation was created in a way that can be used within a classroom environment, where the educator could screen the film and encourage children to respond to the questions that are protagonist is asking.

We created this animation with a design approach that will be appealing to our young audience. The film has the qualities of a modern animation that children would normally watch on Television. Our main character ‘Margarita’, is the host of the video. She resembles a friendly child that our young audiences can relate to. The film is narrated by a child actor, so that it can come across as authentic, while at the same time projecting a character that genuinely loves nature. The beautifully created environments and expressful animation of the character make this film truly engaging and fun to watch.

The animation was created in collaboration with the Cyprus Press and Information Office.

Language: Greek

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