The winning bet

Do we really want to pay the price of having no limits on our gambling activities? This creative animated short film was commissioned by the National Betting Authority of Cyprus as part of the communication campaign connected to the annual ‘Safe Gambling Week’.

The animation aims to raise awareness for the risks related to gambling. Through a character driven narrative, we highlighted the importance of putting boundaries in place when gambling. The film communicates to the audience that the goal - the winning bet - is to gamble responsibly and not allow gambling to take over one's finances and personal life.

The story of the film portrays an ordinary day in the life of two gamers. Throughout the film we follow two parallel stories that show the contrast of what is like when you set financial and emotional limits in your betting habits and what is like if you have no limits.

The animation does not have any voice over or dialogue. The story is told through the expressful character animation that was handcrafted with a ‘frame by frame’ animation technique and an elaborate sound design which successfully immerses the viewer into these parallel lives of two very different characters. Occasionally, the animation incorporates a split screen technique, so that the viewer could witness the lives of these two characters simultaneously and thus be able to make a direct comparison.

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