Going Viral?

An animated research communication video created for the Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science.

In this video we show how scientists could use insects to transfer genetically modified viruses to crops in order to make them fitter against pests or environmental influences. But the film also raises the question as to what happens when the viruses become independent or if this technology is misappropriated.

For the creation of this animation we have followed a very cinematic approach with very elaborate and detailed environments as well as a plethora of characters including animals and insects.The soundtrack of the animation consists of a complex and also very realistic sound design that supports the visual story and narration. We deliberately avoided using a music track in this film as this would emotionally influence the audience and distract them from the messages that the film is trying to communicate.

We believe that this approach helps viewers stay focused and understand not only the complexity of the subject but also the ambiguities and ethical dilemmas that surround it. Just as the film’s narration tells us: “Today's technologies can become tomorrow's weapons. So, knowing all of this… do we really want to go viral?”

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