Core Screen

Core Screen is an animated explainer video created for the Healthcare Startup AJM Medicaps.

The animation explains how the technology that is being developed by this startup, can lead to a new and easy method for intestinal screening.

Through an EU funded research project, the startup company AJM Medicaps, aims to develop an electronic pill that is swallowed by the patient and is able to identify polyps and early stage cancers in the intestines, without the need of a colonoscopy. Through a step by step process, the animation explains what are the current challenges in this area, how Core Screen works and what are the healthcare benefits that derive from this new technology.

During the creative process for this animation, we decided to use stylized characters to represent both the doctors and the patients. We then combined those characters with designs that have been carefully designed to accurately represent the scientific and medical information that was provided by the client. The result was an animation that makes the content both visually pleasing and easily understood by a viewer who is not an expert in the field.

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