This character driven animation was created as part of a ‘Road Safety’ awareness campaign, by the Cyprus Police department. More specifically, the aim of this animation is to inform the public on the rules and regulations that apply when driving an e-scooter.

Taking into consideration that the main target audience is primarily young people, we created an animation that features a very contemporary design approach, with a vibrant color palette that will make the film stand out and grab the attention of the target audience when browsing through social media. We also wanted to create a narrative that communicates the information (including the risk of getting a fine) in a positive and friendly tone.

The main film was produced in 16:9 (landscape) aspect radio and was complimented by additional screen size adaptations so that it would be disseminated more effectively on social media (e.g. through stories and reels). Additionally, considering our target audience, we created both a Greek language version and an English language version in order to achieve a more inclusive campaign that could reach out to a wider audience.

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