Greece: More than the eye can see

‘More than the eye can see’ is a animated brand video, created for the Greek National Tourism Organisation in order to promote Greece as a tourist destination.

The great challenge for the team was that the scope of the project, was to create an animation that would promote the brand of a whole country while communicating to the audience that Greece is a diverse and ever-evolving, sustainable destination that is accessible all year long. Within the 90 second time limitation, the film had to showcase the country’s natural environments, landmarks and historical monuments as well as the culinary and outdoor experiences that a visitor would be able to enjoy - throughout the year.

For the creation of this film we invested a significant amount of time into the preproduction stage of the creative process, in order to conduct a very thorough research that would help us select the most appropriate ‘locations’ that would be featured in the film.

All of the team here at the studio really enjoyed working on the creation of this very stylised animation - it was a true journey through the various magical sceneries that Greece has to offer. The illustrations of all of the environments featured in the film, where designed in a way that can spark the curiosity of the viewer, enhance the symbolisms that we wanted to portray as well as enable us to achieve interesting camera movements and transitions that can guide the viewer through this beautiful animated journey.

The film was created by Zedem Media in collaboration with the Animation Festival, AnimaSyros.

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