Road safety for Children

This animated educational video was developed in collaboration with the Traffic Department of the Cyprus Police. This animation was created exclusively for children and it will used within a classroom environment when police ambassadors will be conducting school visits to educate children about road safety.

The screening of the educational video is followed by a classroom discussion with the the ambassador and the teacher of the class.

For this project we wanted to create a playful, character driven animation that is really fun to watch so that it would withhold the attention of very young children. The video does not use any narration, or written text. All the information is conveyed through the visual narrative of the animation, with clear examples that showcase right and wrong safety habits. From how to wear a seatbelt, to remembering to wear protective gear when riding a bicycle. The right and wrong behaviours where are further highlighted by a little mascot that we developed and who keeps popping up unexpectedly, holding a right or wrong card, just like in a game!

For the creation of this video we used a combination of digital and traditional, frame by frame animation. The soundtrack features an extensive sound design which plays a major part in effectively delivering the educational messages of the film.

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