This “frame by frame” animation was created for EndFGM Europe as part of an awareness campaign on islamophobia. The film addresses the question: How does racism and islamophobia interfere when addressing the problem of FGM?

The film combines real life testimonials from people that have been affected by this complex issue, along with a hand crafted animation. The illustrations featured in the animation incorporate subtle symbolisms and an elegant motion design, which results in a beautiful visual narrative.

We believe that for this project it was best to use a simple but yet elegant illustration approach that effectively brings to life these powerful stories. That way we could tell their stories in a positive and inspiring way.

The illustration of the dandelion works symbolically on many levels. It is delicate and fragile, yet resilient. It not only represents FGM in a discreet way, but also becomes a symbol of transformation and survival.

The end result is a visual story that is delicate yet striking, that helped our client to raise awareness for this difficult issue.

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