Green Cities

This animated publicity video was created for the Cyprus Department of Environment as part of an awareness campaign related to the department’s ‘Environmental Strategy’ that promotes the creation of greener cities.

During the creative process we decided to depict a ‘regular’ day in the city. Where everything looks gray and dull. There is a lot of traffic and noise. People are rushing to work. Exhaust fumes pollute the air and the pavements are littered with garbage. Even though this illustrates an unfortunate reality of our everyday lives, it does not mean that it cannot change. We all want to live in cleaner, healthier and greener cities.

To symbolize this potential for transformation, the urban environment depicted in the animation gradually evolves. Trees start to appear alongside bicycle lanes while buses start replacing cars. Recycling bins take the place of garbage bins and solar panels pop on top of lamp posts. The bus stops become green havens for birds and bees, while the environment transforms into a vibrant, beautiful place. The result is a green city with clean air that everyone enjoys.

This film illustrates the effectiveness with which the art of animation can help us paint a picture of our vision for the future and how this vision can be communicated effectively to our target audiences.

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