Green Kiosks

‘Green Kiosks’ is a 2-minute publicity video created for the Cyprus Environmental Department as part of the European Union funded project: Life IP - CYZero Waste.

In addition to the 2 minute animation, we also delivered a cut version of the video which was used on broadcast television and social media campaigns.

Furthermore, this animation is part of series of videos that aim to informs and educate the public about the launch of the Green Kiosks campaign as well as the European Union funded programme in general.

Through this video featured above, we help the viewers to understand what these kiosks are, where they located, what materials can be collected for sorting and recycling and what the experience of visiting a Green Kiosk would be like.

In this step by step, walkthrough video, an animated character outlines the process, explaining exactly what materials can be recycled and how the whole process works. The Green Kiosks featured in the animation have been designed based on the actual prototypes, while the visuals help to communicate the information in simple and easily understandod way. 

Through this animated video we wanted to motivate everyone to participate in this waste management effort and contribute to the protection of the environment!

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