Heartland of Legends

The animation Heartland of Legends, is a Brand Identity Video, created for the Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Tourism.

The film received the Gold Prize Award at the Carob Advertising Awards.

The scope of the project was to promote the Heartland of Cyprus as an alternative tourist destination. Through the art of animation, we wanted to create a brand video that would showcase to the audience that besides its seas and sunny environment, Cyprus has much more to offer.

The aesthetics of the film were inspired from the myths and legends of Cyprus as well as from its traditional shadow theatre. We wanted to showcase that here in Cyprus, almost every single place, village, mountain, river, rock, tree, monument, carries some magical stories. Stories that Cypriots love and cherish. Stories and legends about mythical creatures, infamous bandits, brave soldiers and beautiful queens. About places of great beauty and places where love stories unfold. Here in Cyprus, the soul of the island lays in its heartland. An environment full of hospitable people, enduring traditions, and fresh produce. Unbeaten paths where you can unwind, and rediscover the mediterranean cuisine.

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