Be My Eyes

This inspirational Brand Video, was created for Be My Eyes, a startup that connects people that need sighted support, with volunteers and companies anywhere in the world, through live video.

This animated ‘brand video’ outlines the vision and mission of the company and highlights how this free application connects blind and low-vision users with sighted volunteers and company representatives from all around the world. These volunteers become their eyes and offer visual support whenever it is needed. For little everyday tasks like finding what to wear, to expert technological support. This animation helps to increase awareness for the organisation and motivates individuals to become part of the growing community of Be My Eyes.

The visual narrative featured in the animation is inspired by the mission of the organization. All the designs are centrally located on the screen and move in a circular environment that alternates between the environment of the users and the environment of the volunteers. The split circle illustrates in a symbolic and stylised way, what can be seen by the volunteers and what is not clearly visible from those who require vision support. The eye shaped illustration works as the connection between all the other designs in the animation, transforming the entire film into a symbol for unity and collaboration between people from around the world.

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