Anti-Racism Games

For this project we were tasked by AHDR (the Cyprus Association of Historical Dialogue and Research) to create a promotional video for a set of Anti-Racism educational material that includes 3 different, team building games.

The aim of this animation is to raise awareness within the educational community of the island for the existence of these materials and how educators could request them.

Through this gamification approach, educators could ignite conversations and raise awareness for a number of issues that are not openly discussed in our community but do have an affecti on  us on daily basis.

By introducing these three Anti-Racist games within a workshop environment, trainers and educators can illustrate how difficult, “taboo” topics can be discussed, in an inclusive, non-judgmental way.

The design of the animation features bold and contemporary designs that match the visual style of each game. For the creation of the animation, we decided to include a set of diverse and expressful animated characters, featured alongside various examples that illustrate what the educators should expect the games to include.

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