Enjoying movies together

This 30 second animated commercial was created for 'Foody', a subsidiary of Delivery Hero in Cyprus.

When asked to create a film that would be used to promote the brand in movie theaters, we wanted the actual food to be the protagonist in the film. This led to the creation of different characters, who have all come together o watch a movie on the big screen. From Merilyn the ice cream, Judy the burger, Macho the nacho, to Maki and Laki, the twin sushi kids…to name a few. 

In order to portray in the best possible way all the different emotions that the characters experience while watching the film as well as the different film genres from drama and horror to romance and adventure, the film was created with traditional frame by frame animation.

Together with a carefully selected music track and an elaborate sound design, it creates a beautiful, funny and memorable experience that succeeded in strengthening our client's brand.

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