Why Social Video Content is a Must-Have

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Why Social Video Content is a-must have

8 Billion. That’s 8,000,000,000. That’s a whole lot of zeroes. And that’s how many video views Facebook gets every day…and it’s only going to go up. And that’s just one of the many social media platforms. As a marketer or business owner this should be telling you only one thing – we need video content.

Facebook shifted their focus to video in 2013, since then video has been the favoured choice of social media channels, with all of them adding video to their armouries. If your not taking advantage of this promotional goldmine you’re wasting a huge opportunity.

First off, here we’re talking about social video, not viral. The term “social video” is wide reaching, but essentially it’s some to be viewed on social media, and equally importantly, it has to be shareable. Also, different social media channels require different approaches to video. Something on Facebook can be longer than something on Instagram, for example.

Why is Social Video Content essential to you?

It’s the preferred content of Millennials. Yes those pesky 18 to 33 year olds are glued to their phones, tablets and laptops binging video after video (whatever happened to good old TV?). What’s more, by the time 2030 comes around they’ll comprise 75 percent of the global workforce.

B2C connection. Video is a big step up from a press release or any other block of text when it comes to connecting with your audience, and social networks know it, pushing more and more of it out to their users.

Multi-talented content. Video can do any number of things for your business. You can tell your brand story and build customer loyalty and interest. Use it for lead generation. It can form part of your support strategy, answering customer questions and providing helpful tutorials (“How-to” videos are some of the most popular searches on YouTube).

Cost to entry. There’s no more affordable way for any size of company to reach such a huge potential audience. Videos on platforms like Vine and Snapchat are not expected to be amazing quality, the rough and ready style is part of the appeal. Your customers ask a question, you whip out your phone and get them an answer straight back. Animated videos also provide a reasonably priced way to deliver amazing results and build your brand online. They’re also easily editable to suit different formats.

If you’re not doing it, you can bet your competitors already are. Having a video marketing strategy has become non-negotiable. No matter the area you operate in, your competition will be using video to snatch customers to their side, so you need to fight back, or you’ll be left behind.

Social Video Content isn’t the future; it’s the present. What’s your strategy?

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