Tips for Creating Social Video Content

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Tips for Creating Social Video Content

OK, so we all agree having a presence in the world of social media video is essential for every company. Now that is out of the way, let’s look at some tips for creating the biggest impact with that content.

  1. Understand what your content is trying to do
    Different kinds of videos need specific approaches. The general rule is shorter is better. However, different styles of video can carry varying lengths when it comes to your audiences’ attention spans.
    The way it works seems to be balanced on audience desire, which makes sense. Meaning if it’s a how to video answering a specific question they have about your product or service you have their eyeballs for longer than an explainer video introducing your company to them.
  2. Understand the platform you’re using
    Leading on from point one, different social media platforms demand different things from your content. YouTube and Facebook can handle a longer video, explaining something more complicated. Whereas Vine, Instagram and Snapchat are all about short impactful bursts. Know the strengths and weaknesses of every platform.
    It’s a good idea to design video content that can be chopped up into different lengths to suit these platforms, that’s why animation tends to work best as it’s easier to edit and make small amends to. Always be thinking ROI.
  3. Share-ability is king
    Social media is all about sharing. That’s how your social video content will reach the most people. Share-ability should be the foundation of everything you send out there. Ask yourself before posting, “What about this will make people want to share it?”
    Will it be useful for their friends? Do they have the chance to gain something by sharing the video? Or is it just plain cool?
  4. Tell a story
    Stories bring people together. Even the shortest video has a beginning, middle and end, so ensure you plot an arc for everything you’re putting out there.
    It could be a simple joke payoff, something more emotional, or a mystery that gets solved. Calls to action, happy endings – whatever encourages people to stick with your video till the credits roll. (We don’t recommend actually having credits!)
  5. Put your customer front and centre
    There’s nothing more engaging than making your customer the hero of your story. The aim is to get the viewer to buy into what you’re selling, making them feel a part of the story.
    Get strategic around your campaigns. Can you set up polls asking what people want to see? Maybe even create content with a cliffhanger and have the audience vote for how they want to see it resolved. Turn your customers into collaborators in your content.
  6. Find the emotion in your message
    Emotions connect us as people. When we feel something we want to share it with those close to us. How can you wrap what you want to say in a human story that everyone can relate to?
    It’s not always easy, but the results when this is done right can be game-changing.
  7. Searching is sharing
    It’s a little bit marketing speak-y, but search engine optimisation (SEO) is still incredibly important. It’s not about cynically dragging in viewers with buzz words, it’s ensuring your content is easy to find and reaches the most people.
  8. Gone in 30 seconds
    Studies show that the first 30 seconds of any video on social media are the most important. Grab your audience from the get-go and you likely have them hooked for the duration. Start slow and they’ll be onto the next video before you can finish that long silent pan along the mountains.

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