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Having a startup is great. You’re your own boss. Have freedom. Can take risks. But there is a downside. Those big, mean, behemoth companies want to crush you like a hand built rowboat between two cruise liners. They have so many resources and of course the power of darkness on their sides so, more often than not, they’ll succeed.

However, there is a light. A way to get your message out there in a way that can even the playing field. Video.

Whereas video used be a pricey marketing strategy, the influx of video production companies has made creating one or even a series of videos well within the reach of even the smallest startups. And what’s better; that freedom we spoke about earlier likely means your campaign can blow some of the bigger boys out of the water!

So, when you’re planning your launch campaigns and you look at your budget and ask yourself, “Should we have a video marketing campaign?” The answer is a big fat yes!

On top of the fact it allows you to compete with the competition efficiently, there’s one huge reason to go with video…


Not to go all blue chip on you, but research shows adding a product video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%. And in case you think this might be a coincidence further research showed that 74% of people that watched a product or explainer video bought it afterwards.

From the eyes straight into the brain

Vision, as you may well know, is the most dominant sense. This is the most effective way of transmitting information into our brains. Because of this, a video will be able to more clearly explain your proposition to customers, leave more of a lasting impression, and generally win their hearts and minds.

Clarity costs nothing

As a startup its likely people are coming to your product fresh. Your launch page video or social media ad may be the first time they meet you. A bit more research for you, the thing most likely to turn people off from your video is a lack of clarity. And clarity costs nothing. When competing with billion dollar companies any advantages you can get for free are the best kinds of advantages. A beautifully designed high-end look is great, but it will count for nothing if you haven’t nailed your message. Simple, clear and concise is the path to success when it comes to video.

SEOver the finish line

When you have a minimal marketing budget you need to squeeze every dollar. Google and other search engines regularly throw up video content for their users. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube are also firmly pushing video. Design your video to appear high up in these searches and the traffic to your website will increase in a serious way. Plus, video encourages sharing. Make a funny, touching or plain unique video and people will soon be sending it to their friends. And with everyone having a fancy smartphone now, your content can be watched wherever they are.

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