Okay, so you've taken all the necessary steps to ensure that your animated video is perfect. From script through to sound design, everything has been carefully cultivated to best convey your message to your target audience.

So... now what?

Well, simply put, you get the word out!

The more people who see your animated video – be it an explainer video, educational video, company story video, product video, etc – the more effective it will be. Here are a few suggestions as to how you can get more people viewing your animated videos.

Social Media

From your gran to your neighbour's dog, everyone is on some form of social media nowadays, so it stands to reason that you should be posting your animated videos on as many social media platforms as you can. Animated explainer videos, for example, are the perfect boost for your social media as they are entertaining, engaging, short and shareable!


That brings us to our second point – shareability. Animated videos are highly shareable across multiple platforms and if your explainer video or educational video is entertaining and interesting, people will want to share it. Make it simple for them and ensure that all your share buttons are in plain sight. After all, there's no harm in a little free advertising!


Website Landing Page

Did you know that having video content on your landing page can increase conversions up to 86%, and increase average visitor time from 8 seconds (not joking) to up to 2 minutes? If they're not good enough reasons to give your animated video pride of place on your website, I don't know what are.

Blogs and Newsletters

Does your company have a blog or newsletter that you regularly update or send out? If so, this is the perfect platform for you to let your customers know that you have a brand-spanking new animated video for their viewing pleasure. You can even go into detail, telling your readers why you needed a video, its value, what you hope to achieve. And later on down the line you can remind them about your animated video once again by telling them what you have achieved with said animated video.


Presentations and Conferences

Even if you don't have a blog or newsletter, there shouldn't be any stopping you letting everyone you can know about your animated video. Animated explainer videos or product tutorial videos, for example, are great additions to spice up presentations or conferences and garner interest in what your company has to offer. You can even use these animated videos internally, to give your employees new insight or perspective on your brand and product or services.


The Holy Grail of “How to” search engines, YouTube is the ideal place to upload your animated explainer videos and educational videos. Studies have shown that over 60% of YouTube searches include the phrase “How to [...]” and this number is growing by 70% year on year. What are you waiting for?

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SEO Optimisation

Ah, the coveted SEO. At the end of the day, a video is going to be watched, but there are still measures you can take to ensure that your animated video content is reaching your target audience:

  • Title: Ensure your title is clear and simple and includes your main keywords
  • Description: Here you can go into further detail about your video content, of course with a generous sprinkling of keywords.
  • Thumbnail: This needs to be an attention-grabber, whilst also representing the content of your animated video.

Track Results

After all your efforts to let everyone know about your animated video, don't forget to check analytics and demographics. These will let you know, in detail, how many people are getting to see your animated videos, how much of it they are watching, if they are replaying it, and more. These statistics will give you an idea of what more you need to do to get your animated video content out there. 

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