When Education met Animation

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Every time I come across a difficult situation in adult life where I realize that a bad situation is just an opportunity to learn, the wise words and images that come to my mind are not of a granny’s or a mother’s or father’s, nope… They are the words and image of Rafiki hitting Simba on the head with a stick in Lion King, telling him that:

‘Oh yes, the past can hurt. But, you can either run from it or, learn from it.’


It’s fascinating how images of childhood become ingrained in our minds. It is especially so when the images are magical, impressive and of course… animated. Animated movies have always embeded some sort of message in their stories for their little human audiences and parents alike, to teach them about the ways of the world in a pleasant way.

I can’t lie because the child in me is still in there, thinking that my nose will grow bigger, Jiminy Cricket and Poppa will be really disappointed and I will get eaten by a gigantic whale (spoilers!) and believe me, my nose doesn’t need to get any bigger… (Also lying is a bad thing!)

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To cut to the chase, animation is a great tool to use for education and not just for children!
Animation works for adults too, because it nudges that little child in us, calling it to pay attention. Because of our childhood associations and memories of it, animation ‘feels’ like a familiar voice, an old friend. And you will listen to an old friend.

But emotional stimuli aside, animation is attractive and easy to watch. It’s art! It is an aesthetically pleasing medium, which will grab your attention through the oversaturated newsfeeds and websites and pop-ups. People will watch and learn what you have to teach or say but also, the lesson, coupled with an impressive image, will have a more lasting effect in your mind and memory than text would.

Educational animation provides entertainment, engagement and knowledge. It’s a multi-layered offering to the audience and it helps you get your message across!

Take a look at some educational videos we have animated for TED-ED and ‘The School of Life’for example.


Matching pleasant imagery with humour and fascinating information, animation makes learning an unexpected pleasure which will be remembered!

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