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"There is a flame that burns within us all.

The flame of an unfulfilled desire..."

Production: Zedem Media
Format: Short Film
Style: 2D Traditional Animation
Approx. 17'
Genre: Biographical / Historical / Drama
In Development

'Mesut' has been selected to participate at the MIFA Pitches of Festival international du film d'animation d'Annecy in 2021! The most important animation event in the world, after presenting the project and winning first place at the Agora Workshop of the ANIMASYROS International Animation Festival!

Mesut, a Turkish-Cypriot boy, dreams of learning to dance the Zeibekiko, as growing political conflict disrupts life on the Island of Cyprus and results in its separation in 1974. That unfulfilled dream will haunt him throughout his life.

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Who was Mesut?
'Mesut' is a true story based on the life and times of Mesut Emre.

Mesut Emre was born in 1940 in a small village in Kythrea, Cyprus, called ‘Petra tou Digeni (Digeni's Rock)’, a village of only 80 Turkish Cypriot inhabitants. Ηe was the youngest of five children, in a single-parent family. He was still a baby when his father abandoned the family home. As a young boy, like many boys from poor villages, he was sent to the capital city of Cyprus, Nicosia, to learn a craft and find work as an apprentice. While in Nicosia, he became one with the city and fell in love with greek culture.

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One night, when he was 14 years old, he saw a man dance the 'zeibekiko' for the first time. He was mesmerised. From that moment on, he had a new dream: He wanted to learn how to dance the zeimbekiko. However, soon after that incident, a tumultuous period of violent conflict erupted in Cyprus, and interrupted Mesut’s dreams.

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He grew up to be a loving family man, well-loved and respected in his community and a master carpenter. He was always nostalgic about the old days and about life in Cyprus before conflict tore his island apart.

He died in 2016. But first, he had learnt how to dance the Zebeikiko.

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