Dive In

Production: A co-production between Pixel Giants, Oak9e, Zedem Media and the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture.
Format: Short Film
Style: 3D Animation
Duration: 7.12 min.
Genre: Comedy, Children's
Status: Completed. On a Festival Run.


Molly, a young apprentice idolises a famous witch, and dreams of being like her, especially of having a fierce, fire-breathing dragon as her idol. She creates her own, using an old magical recipe but her inexperience produces an odd result: a dragon with a big heart and a special, magical skill, who teaches her a lesson about tolerance and personal sacrifice.

Dragon Recipes is written by Maria Pavlou, who is also the Director and Producer of the film.
Zedem Animations produced 2 out of the 6 minutes of 3D character animation.

Magic Molly and her dragon are on an trip around the world as the film is being screened at various international animation and film festivals, and has already collected a few awards.