The School of Life - The one question we need to ask ourselves when we feel anxious

Client: The School of Life is an educational company that offers advice on life issues. It was founded by Alain de Botton in 2008 and is a frequent collaborator of Zedem. We always enjoy visually interpreting these lessons, and learning in the process.

Project Objective: The problem with anxious moods is that they often hide from us what it is we're actually concerned about. It feels like we're worrying about this or that, when in reality, the origin of our anxiety actually lies elsewhere. Here is a wonderfully simple tool to learn what is really on our mind - in order that we can start to address it and be liberated from it.

Creative Approach: When trying to visualise the language of a dream, or the workings of the mind, animation is the perfect method to demonstrate its fluidity and absurdity. We tried to visualise an anxious brain and transmit those moods and emotions to compliment this fascinating lesson for TSOL.

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