Be My Eyes: Company Story

Client: Be My Eyes is a free app for iOS and Android that connects blind and low-vision users with sighted volunteers and company representatives through a live video connection. With Be My Eyes, blind and low-vision individuals have on-demand access to visual support, allowing them to lead more independent lives.

Project Objective: Be My Eyes was the winning organisation of our 'Better Story Awards'. We think it is an incredible organisation, which provides a great tool for people with low or no vision. This is a company story video we made to help the organisation spread its message wide and demonstrate how it all works, and how much it can help people with visual impairment, building a beautiful community along the way.

Creative Approach: We felt that it would be best to make this video experiential. In order to present the problem and the solution that Be My Eyes provides, we had to give people an idea of what challenges people with visual impairments meet in their every day lives.

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