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An animated explainer video is perfect for explaining the complexity of the human body, and how biological processes. It can be used to explain what a certain disease is or how it can be cured. Through visual information, it can present how a specific medicine works, how vaccines work or it can outline medical procedures, such as anaesthesia.

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The benefits:

  • Make complex notions easy to understand
  • Inspire confidence in the customer or patient
  • Educate on medical procedures
  • Remove fear by replacing it with knowledge

How do we go about it? We craft a relatable story that educates your audience on your subject matter. If you want to be taken on a tour of our animation process, here’s a video that we created to guide you through it.

We are passionate about creating videos that can help spread knowledge and replace fear of the unknown with wisdom. Give us a shout and let's see how we can help!






An animated educational video for biotech company Apitope Technology (Bristol) Ltd.


How does Anaesthesia Work?

When under anaesthesia, you can’t move, form memories, or — hopefully — feel pain. And while it might just seem like you are asleep for that time, you actually aren’t. What’s going on? Steven Zheng explains what we know about the science behind anesthesia. Animation by Zedem Media.


Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 14.47.14.png

An animation we've created for EVOLBIO discussing genetically modified viruses, how they can be utilized and the dangers of biological weapons. Stay tuned for the full animation. This one is fresh from the oven