Dive In

At Zedem, we like to explore, experiment and gain expertise on different types of animation, such as 2D, Traditional and 3D Animation.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics may not be something that comes to mind when thinking of animated video as it is a very different category in that it isn’t character or story-driven. Instead, motion graphics deals with the animation of text, images and video clips, often to overlay onto other footage. It is very popular in the world of advertising, explainer videos and educational videos and can also be used to animate logos and opening and closing titles for film and TV series.

Although motion graphics doesn’t require the animator to be knowledgeable in the principles of animation, they still need to have a sharp eye for aesthetics and good knowledge of timing, composition and motion. At Zedem Media, our skilled motion graphics designers masterfully manipulate and animate text and elements to clearly illustrate the messages of our motion graphics based explainer videos. Check out this motion graphics animation video we did for the startup Cyprus Seeds.

Cut-Out Animation

A type of sub-category that falls under Motion Graphics, is cut-out animation.
In our case, this type of animation is designed and animated digitally, but it is based on the old 'cut-out' technique combined with stop motion, where it looks like the elements are designs cut out of paper. This technique allows you to create a fun and cool-looking video, like this one we did for Iris Blue Gin.