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An animated explainer video is designed to grab your audience’s attention and explain your product, service, business, and value proposition in an easy, informative and engaging way.

Explainer videos are also known as homepage videos, overview videos or conversion videos, and are primarily used to increase conversations, when launching a startup, new business, product or service.

Although they are typically used for sites, homepages, product or service pages, newsletters, trade shows, conventions, conferences and sales meetings; explainer videos have been proven, in fact, to be highly effective when adapted as social media and YouTube ads at the core of online marketing strategies.

When your audience is given a clear understanding of what you do and grasps the value you are offering, you get to achieve higher brand and product recall rate, ultimately converting more leads into clients. After all, if they don’t get it, they won’t buy it.

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The benefits:

  • Improved Understanding
  • Increased Conversions
  • Multi-Channel / Cross-Platform
  • Improved SEO & Generated Organic Traffic
  • Decreased Website Bounce Rate
  • Highly Shareable, Searchable & Social Media Friendly

How do we go about it?

Our goal is to design your video with clarity, convey the right information, and put your unique selling points on a pedestal. We create videos that break down complexity into narrated step-by-step visual narration, answering your audience’s key questions, erasing any potential skepticism, and converting curiosity into interest.

If you want to be taken on a tour of our animation process, here’s a video that we created to guide you through it.

We’ve been around the block a few times

The members of Team Zedem often get particularly braggy about grasping complex notions, functions and services that are way outside of their comfort zone. You might catch them at a coffee shop discussing anything from personal data monetization, cloud data, forex trading and entrepreneurship initiatives, down to healthcare, the EU parliament and its voting system, global food security, or how you can use the latest loyalty card programme that hit the market.

That’s simply because they’ve had to understand all of that in order to simplify it, transform it into a unique visual narrative, and create on-point animations to explain something in the most effective and eye catching manner

Care to learn more about Explainer Videos and how they can profit your business? Head to our knowledge hub, cause we’ve got you covered:




Health Care for Everyone


An avatar-based animation for IBM for its Cloud Data Services. Produced in Collaboration with our friends at Skill Pill Mobile Learning.


Over the years, we have produced various explainer videos for Deloitte and their branches in Switzerland, Cyprus and Spain. They ranged from training videos to app promotions or the explanation and introduction of complex tools that Deloitte offers to businesses around the world.

Health Care for Everyone

There were question marks and confusion when the bill for the creation of a comprehensive National Health Care system was going to be put on vote in Parliament in Cyprus. The National Health Insurance Organization, entrusted us to create an animated explainer video that introduced the concept to the public, explaining how it works and what the benefits would be. The Cyprus National Healthcare System (GESY) has now been implemented.